Assignment #6

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I thought the Lyre Bird was pretty crazy. It can copy all the sounds it hears. I think that civilization plays a big part in the environment. Because the woods and forest are being deystroyed and that it starts to copy the sounds.



Assissment 4

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I think self-image is not smart for us to do. The media should not make us want to change our looks or anything about our selfs. I think if everyone didn’t worry about looks and worry about looking a certain way, the world would be a better place. I think that the public see girls as they have to be perfectly proportioned and guys have to have a 6 pack. Well the truth is not really anyone looks like that what they do on the movies or T.V. And that women and men should have to have certain jobs on the way they look. The website I used to look up some information is

Salem Witch Picture!

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This was the picture I chose to represent the Salem Witch Trials. Because this was stupid enough to run into a pole. And people back then were stupid enough to kill and hang people of being accused of being a witch.

Salem witch Trials!

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I really didn’t like this assignment. I think this whole thing is a crazy idea. How people could have hung and killed people by people saying they were witches. On this assignment I said I was a witch so I could live. I don’t think I would have said or done anything different. I lived, I might have lost everything, but when everyone realizes how stupid this is. I would get everything back, maybe.


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Well I just got done taking a “racism” test. I got 4 out of 20 correct. But I think this whole thing was a waste of time because, we all classify people in a certain ethnic group. People say we shouldn’t do that but we all do and most likely always will. Just because we put people in a certain group doesn’t mean they actually go into that group. It’s just how we see them. But if we got to know the real them we would probably see that they don’t belong in that group. Weather you think i’m wrong or right. You will and have put people in ethnic groups. And don’t get me wrong, it is morally wrong to do this. But if we have been doing this are whole life its hard to stop. When we are little we always knew there were different ethnic groups and we started to put people in groups. Well I don’t think this proved anyone that they are racist. But it did show that we can not always put people in ethnic groups on by the way they look, because as this test shows you can be completely wrong. And if you did get a lot wrong like me it just shows that you put people in ethnic groups on the way they look, not because it racist. Well I also know I didn’t do to well on this test. But I have many friends all over this state and country with different races. So I don’t think i’m racist at all.

How I Feel About the Blog

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I like because we get to get out of class. I really don’t look forward to it, but I also don’t dread it. I don’t loo0k forward to it because I have never been good at English, but I do like to type/write.